Travelling with Baby for the First Time: 5 Tips

October 31, 2014 at 10:07 am

babytravel1How exciting! Your very first vacation with your baby! It’s a dream come true for some parents to take their child somewhere new to travel – some say because they’ve never done it when they were young, or others say they want to bring their child to see the beautiful view of a place they’ve already been to. No matter the case, going away for a vacation with your baby (and possibly the whole family) will be fun and adventure-filled. If you are driving a Jeep, do not forget to install its hard top. A Jeep hard top, as shown here, will give you and your baby the much needed protection from weather elements.

It will be a different experience when you travel with a baby. People will be much friendlier – strangers who would have qualms striking a conversation will smile at you and talk to you and your baby. But of course it’s not without disadvantages. You can’t just suddenly disappear and go for a walk by yourself without ensuring someone will look after the baby.

As long as you’re a parent, you probably won’t be stress-free, but these tips will help you make that vacation as relaxing as possible. Read on.


Dress appropriately:

We make it a point to dress accordingly wherever we travel. For example, we know that extra bling-bling isn’t practical in airports because they just trigger alarms. So dress your baby for the travel too. A onesie can be very useful when you need to change his diaper – you won’t need to remove the socks, shoes, or pants. Check out this page to get ideas on what types of baby clothes to pack.


Keep him entertained:

The last thing you want to have is a bored baby. Much like adults do when they’re bored, your baby will also find a way to do something. Unfortunately for you, this might mean crying loudly – disrupting not only your relaxation but that of everyone in the vehicle as well. Pack a few books or toys that your baby hasn’t seen before to keep him interested. It’s also best that you put them in a bag you can easily reach. You can’t really use the toys in the plane if you put them in the check-in bag.


Don’t let him get hungry:

Pack healthy snacks for your baby to munch on. There are travel snack packs designed for babies that are available in stores. Some of these are in tubes so your child can just suck them out, to save you from having to use a spoon.

If your baby drinks formula and you’re not sure if there are stores in your destination that sells that, it’s best to bring more than what you think you need. If you breastfeed him, as long as it’s legal in the area, you have free reign.


When you get there:

Unpack immediately and do your best to simulate your house arrangement. This way, the surroundings might be new to your baby but at least he knows that his things are placed similarly. Also, keeping his playthings in one corner of the room means the mess is limited to a certain space only.

Have a baby-changing station and put the baby bag there. Don’t use a table for both baby changing and then eating. That’s just gross.


Time for bed:

It’s normal to be worried that your baby might have difficulty sleeping in a new place. After all, some adults have the same problem.

For those bringing a portable baby bed, try letting your child sleep in it a few days before the trip so he gets used to the feeling. Do the same routine you do at home (bath time, lullaby, bottle) so your baby will know that it’s time to sleep for the night. Here are some other baby travel products available in the market that can make your baby more comfortable during the travel.