The Best Field Trip Spots in Missouri

September 13, 2014 at 3:57 am

field tripField trips are always fun. Students look forward to field trips with their teachers and classmates. These trips are not just enjoyable, but also offer different learning opportunities and the chance to increase one’s knowledge in ways that are vastly different from classroom instruction. Field trips are not limited to school-sponsored trips, of course. Families can also schedule their own field trips and explorations to sites that are both educational and also enjoyable.

The state of Missouri offers different field trip destinations ranging from historical to nature-inspired. You will not have to travel too far to find something that piques the interest of your family. Probably one of the more popular destinations for tourists is Branson, Missouri, known all over as the Midwest’s live entertainment capital. Branson has no shortage of different theatrical and musical shows and performances year-round, and you are guaranteed to find a few shows that would appeal to you.

wax museum.jpgBranson also boasts of the Hollywood Wax Museum, the only museum in the United States with a celebrity-only wax figure display. This wax museum just completed a million-dollar renovation, and features wax figures of the most iconic Hollywood celebrities from past and present. Also in Branson is the BoxCar Willie Theatre, home of Gold- and Platinum-awarded recording star BoxCar Willie of the Grand Ole Opry.

Historic trails are popular field trip destinations in Missouri. Part of the California National Historic Trail is here, where you can retrace about 1,000 miles of trail ruts traveled in the 1840’s by gold-seekers headed to California. Also in Missouri are the Lewis and Clark National Historical Trail and the Oregon National Historic Trail, both pathways to the West Coast.


In Kansas City, there are also different field trip opportunities, such as The City Market which features galleries, restaurants, the Arabia Steamboat Museum, and an outdoor farmer’s market which you will find to be very interesting especially on Saturdays. Kansas City also has the second most number of fountains in a city next to Rome, and the many fountains such as Spirit of Freedom, Firefighters, and J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain can be toured by driving or walking through.

Parents and educators who want to take this opportunity to teach financial basics to the young would want to look into touring the Federal Reserve Bank Visitors Center or The Money Museum. Located in Kansas City, this museum features interactive exhibits and galleries that depict the American economy, banking history, and other workings of the financial system. There is no admission or parking fees required to visit this highly educational site.

statepark.jpgNature lovers would find no shortage of scenic routes and state parks in Missouri. The Castlewood State Park offers a great view of the Meramec River and its surrounding areas, while the Elephant Rocks State Park focuses on giant granite rocks formed millions of years ago. A lot of people who loves to drive through the wilderness with their Jeep Wrangler equipped with a Safari Jeep bikini top like this will enjoy the St. Francois State Park or the Ha Ha Tonka State Park, both offering beautiful trails for hiking, biking, and camping as well.

There are many other great field trip destinations all over Missouri. Check with the local tourism offices for brochures and other information that can assist you in planning a trip that really gives you the chance to explore this beautiful state.