How To Have A Stress-Free Vacation

October 8, 2014 at 4:55 pm

vacationWhen you’re on vacation, you want to relax, refresh your mind and body, and enjoy some quality moments with your family, loved ones, or friends. To achieve maximum relaxation on your vacation, proper planning and hashing out the details should be completed long before your actual trip. It would help if you had a checklist on your phone, tablet, or on paper. You can refer to your vacation checklist every now and then to make sure all the details are being attended to.

Here are some helpful advice for a stress-free vacation:


  •  Pick airports that are less crowded. The great thing about modern air travel is the number of choices available to you, from the airlines to the destinations. You can avoid the chaos and congestion of busy airport hubs by picking out smaller, lesser known airports that are also within your travel plans. This is especially helpful if you are vacationing during major holiday travel times. For instance, if you are flying to Missouri, instead of a flight to St. Louis, how about Branson instead? The airport is considered one of the most stress-free airports in the U.S. because of the rustic design, quick security and baggage checks, and personalized customer service. Here is an informative article that lists the world’s busiest airports so you can avoid them if you can..


  •  Travel light. It’s a vacation, not a business trip, so no need to burden yourself with way too many clothes and shoes than you would actually need when relaxing by the beach or camping outdoors. Streamline your baggage to just the most essential clothing items, accessories, and footwear, with some extra items just in case. It would help to know the weather conditions ahead of time so you are prepared for your destination. Bottomline, when you are traveling light you are also less stressed out, and less worried about losing or forgetting something during the journey.


  • No calls or e-mails. If it is possible, unplug yourself completely from work during your vacation. Make arrangements to have work-related calls or e-mails routed to another person who can take care of tasks while you are away. You may have to have provisions for the most important or critical calls or e-mails to still reach you, but in general you should have this time for taking a break from your responsibilities. Otherwise, it will be like you are still in the office. Tip: don’t bring your work laptop.


  • Have an itinerary. As you are planning the vacation details, ask your travel agent or hotel reservation desk for suggestions on what activities to enjoy in the area. If you decide to get help from a travel agent, I suggest you read this article, it gives tips on how to effectively deal with travel agents. Include their suggestions in your itinerary so there is something to look forward to every day, and also so you don’t end up with nothing to do especially if reservations or prior confirmations are required. On the other hand, you should also set aside time for just doing nothing and being lazy; after all, this is a vacation from work.


  • Don’t leave unfinished tasks. Complete everything that needs to be finished before going on vacation. This will avoid tasks piling up when you come back. You will also enjoy your vacation much more if you are not thinking of pending assignments back at the office. Tie up all loose ends before you go on break, and your boss and your colleagues will also appreciate this and cover for you while you are gone.


  • Secure your home. Your home should be secured especially if you will be gone for a long time. Utilize proper security systems and alarms, and check to make sure they are all working correctly. If there are necessary repairs or replacements, garage door repairs for instance, contact the professionals and have everything repaired or replaced before you leave. If you’re in a budget and worried about how much the whole door replacement will cost, you can refer to an extensive list of garage door prices available in this page. When you know your home is safe, you will not end up worrying or stressing away during your vacation time.