Can You Take Your Baby to Road Trips?

October 31, 2014 at 8:32 am

baby road trip.jpgNew moms are always very careful with their newborn babies. After all, what would seem a small bump to an adult may affect a fragile infant very differently. So along with all the other care the mom is giving her child, she must also be aware of certain precautions on how she handles her baby.

Of course, that is not to say that moms do not get to have fun with their kids. Ask any mom and they’ll tell you – once their child does something adorable, all their exhaustion fades away. At some point though, mothers do get busy and tired, and may want to spend some time away from their place of domicile. Yet no new mother would want to leave without her baby, even for a few days. The solution? Bring the baby with you! Now the real question is – can you?

Yes of course! It would be great for you and your husband to go to a new place with your child with you, so you can experience the fun of a vacation as a new family. After all, it would be quite sad to feel the happiness of the moment and suddenly feel a pang of homesickness because your baby isn’t with you.

Here are some tips to ensure that your journey with your child is as convenient as possible:


  1. Know that it will be stressful

If this is your first trip away as a family, then this will be the first that you’ll spend time away from the comfort of your home and all your necessary baby equipment. Don’t worry too much, but acknowledge that it will not be easy. At the very least, you should know what you’re going into before you start to drive away. You can make use of these helpful tips on how to effectively manage stress.


  1. Go while the baby is asleep

If your baby is the type to sleep while in the car, then go during the hours he is usually asleep. It will be easier for you to carry a sleeping baby than one crying loudly. Trust us, you’ll have a more relaxed time if you go during the baby’s bedtime.


  1. Baby’s safety first

It would be fun to head somewhere new and do something you’ve never done before, like drive a Jeep Brute and experience the rugged freedom that’s only possible with this vehicle. Head on to this Jeep Brute website and imagine how fun it would be. Just always remember to take precautionary steps to ensure your baby’s safety. For one, always make sure that the car seat is installed properly. Almost 20% of car seats aren’t properly installed – these are just accidents waiting to happen. Just to be sure, watch this instructional video on how to properly install an infant car seat. It’s also a good idea to have a grownup at the back assigned to constantly monitor your baby. A first aid kit may also come handy, so pack it along with the baby’s diapers, toys and snacks. Don’t forget the baby’s medicine too – you can never be too careful.


  1. Pack strategically

There’s nothing like an out of town trip to let you know just how much stuff you need to take care of your child. Remember though that it is better to over pack than to leave stuff behind. Be prepared to pack appropriate toys, books, food or other items to keep your baby busy. A bored child in an enclosed space will just be a recipe for loud crying and screaming.


Road trips with the new baby can be fun, as long as you’re prepared. Bon voyage!