7 Ways to Look Fashionable for the Holidays

October 24, 2014 at 7:57 am



Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve got no place to go

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


We might want to stay cooped up this holiday season, but unfortunately, we can’t stay inside the house the whole time. Hot drinks, thick blankets and hanging out by the fireplace may sound cozy and warm, but these moments are reserved for special occasions when we don’t need to go out and work.

Holiday season is here once again and with it comes the cold winter days.  There is good news though: even amidst the cold, we can stay fashionable. After all, fashion is all-year round! In the season of wool coats, fur vests and lots and lots of layers, we’ll surely have fun with matching and mixing our outfits. Here are seven tips to help you look fashionable this holiday season:


1. Feel the festivity

Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Why not wear those bright holiday colors? Be the colorful light in the dark winter night, and you’ll surely get everyone’s attention. Painting your nails red and green can also add to the appeal – it’s candy cute while still being classy. Just don’t overdo the holiday theme or you might look like a walking Christmas tree.


2. Be shiny, shimmery and splendid

Is there a better time to wear your glittery dresses than during the cold holidays? When everyone else is going the dark route (aka black jacket, black tights), you can amp up everyone’s world by your sparkly clothing. Wear a cute blouse, a shiny skirt, some Cinderella shoes, or shimmering tights. Just don’t put them altogether or you’ll light up brighter than the star of Bethlehem. Here are some shiny glittery holiday sweaters that are just perfect for the holidays.


3. Leather weather

It’s not just sweater weather; it’s also the time for leather. Bring out the leather jacket that was too hot to wear last summer, and add edge to any outfit you have.And if you dare, why not try the leather pants trend and feel like a rockstar?


4. Black is always classic

When else can you wear black from head to toe and not look suspicious? Wear different patterns of this sophisticated color in the cold day or night, and look chic wherever you go.


5. Lace and Satin

You might think that you look like a Christmas gift in your outfit, but wouldn’t that actually be amazing? Think of your outfit as your gift to everyone who sees it.You can opt to wear a bright colored satin and match it with a black or white lace. Or, you can be festive in a colorful lace dress, skirt or blouse. Add some spice to the conservative fabric by going with bright colors or matching metal accessories with it.


6. Layers

It’s getting cold – cover up! Play with different pieces and get a different look even with the same pieces. Plain long sleeves and turtlenecks become fashionable pieces once layered with the right scarf or coat.


7. Maximize and accessorize!

Accessories always complete any outfit. Your simple tee and jeans combo can have that wow factor if dressed with matching jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and belts will turn any outfit from peasant to princess. And don’t forget the hat! They don’t just keep you warm – the right one can make you look amazing.


You can check out fashion blogs all over the Internet for more great tips. You might also want to visit websites that point out the common holiday fashion mistakes. If you experience connection issues, you can always call the Comcast contact number through this hotline to get it fixed.