5 Things to Do Before You Explore KCMO

October 31, 2014 at 7:32 am

plantravel.jpgReady for some country loving? Go to the heart of America and witness some sightseeing you’ll never forget. Famous for their music and food, the City of Fountains is definitely worth a visit. After all, one of their neighborhoods gave birth to the Kansas style blues and Kansas style jazz, so you know you’ll be going to a party.

But before you head on to the most populous municipality in the state of Missouri, you have to make sure that you get a few things done first. Travel will be much more enjoyable if you’re not worrying about how things are at home thousands of miles away.

Here are five of the things you should do before you explore the lovely city of Kansas, Missouri.


  1. Contact the sitter

Ideally, once you’ve confirmed all your flight details, your first call should be to your sitter. If you have several pets in your house that needs daily care, you might want to get a house sitter. Or you can get a dog sitter to have someone walk your dog everyday. If you’re going to be away for long, arrange for your mails and bills to be directed to someone trusted that would contact you for any emergency. Pay for outstanding bills before you leave – you won’t want to go home after your fantastic vacation to a house with cut-off water or electricity.


  1. Arrange your budget

Obviously, you need to have money to travel, since airfare and accommodations don’t come cheap. If you’re travelling domestically, it’s a good idea to withdraw cash from your local bank. Some ATM machines charge small fees, but if these fees accumulate, they are worth quite a sum. If you want to use your credit card during international travel, inform your banks of your plans. They might interpret a purchase abroad as fraudulent and ice your card. This article is a good source of helpful tips on how to explore a new city like Kansas City when you have limited time and budget.

Travel insurance isn’t something that every traveler gets, but they say that you shouldn’t travel if you can’t afford insurance. Better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Check your health

These are annual check-ups everyone should have, but they’re essential when travelling because of the change in weather and time zone. Get necessary vaccines, health check-up and even a dental check-up.


  1. Document list

A passport and visa is requisite for any international travel, so don’t forget those. Put them in a zip-lock before putting inside your bag.

Your identification card is also important (how else can you go into the bars?) so don’t lose that. Keep track of all your documents – itinerary, hotel reservation, and airplane tickets – and put them in a bag you keep close to yourself.


  1. Check local sights and delights

Most people prepare for at least the very first day of journey. They plan an itinerary, check which mode of transportation they can use, and research about sights they want to see. The Internet is the best source of information that you’ll need to create a plan. If you’re encountering issues with your Charter Internet, use the Charter phone number found here to get those issues resolved immediately. You can spend the succeeding days going to the other places you discover while going through your to-do list. Visit this page to know the best attractions in Kansas City.

There are a lot more sights you can enjoy in the jazzy city of Kansas. If you take care of all personal matters before leaving for your trip, you’re sure to immensely enjoy what this delightful city has to offer.