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Travelling with Baby for the First Time: 5 Tips

October 31, 2014 at 10:07 am

babytravel1How exciting! Your very first vacation with your baby! It’s a dream come true for some parents to take their child somewhere new to travel – some say because they’ve never done it when they were young, or others say they want to bring their child to see the beautiful view of a place they’ve already been to. No matter the case, going away for a vacation with your baby (and possibly the whole family) will be fun and adventure-filled. If you are driving a Jeep, do not forget to install its hard top. A Jeep hard top, as shown here, will give you and your baby the much needed protection from weather elements.

It will be a different experience when you travel with a baby. People will be much friendlier – strangers who would have qualms striking a conversation will smile at you and talk to you and your baby. But of course it’s not without disadvantages. You can’t just suddenly disappear and go for a walk by yourself without ensuring someone will look after the baby.

As long as you’re a parent, you probably won’t be stress-free, but these tips will help you make that vacation as relaxing as possible. Read on.


Dress appropriately:

We make it a point to dress accordingly wherever we travel. For example, we know that extra bling-bling isn’t practical in airports because they just trigger alarms. So dress your baby for the travel too. A onesie can be very useful when you need to change his diaper – you won’t need to remove the socks, shoes, or pants. Check out this page to get ideas on what types of baby clothes to pack.


Keep him entertained:

The last thing you want to have is a bored baby. Much like adults do when they’re bored, your baby will also find a way to do something. Unfortunately for you, this might mean crying loudly – disrupting not only your relaxation but that of everyone in the vehicle as well. Pack a few books or toys that your baby hasn’t seen before to keep him interested. It’s also best that you put them in a bag you can easily reach. You can’t really use the toys in the plane if you put them in the check-in bag.


Don’t let him get hungry:

Pack healthy snacks for your baby to munch on. There are travel snack packs designed for babies that are available in stores. Some of these are in tubes so your child can just suck them out, to save you from having to use a spoon.

If your baby drinks formula and you’re not sure if there are stores in your destination that sells that, it’s best to bring more than what you think you need. If you breastfeed him, as long as it’s legal in the area, you have free reign.


When you get there:

Unpack immediately and do your best to simulate your house arrangement. This way, the surroundings might be new to your baby but at least he knows that his things are placed similarly. Also, keeping his playthings in one corner of the room means the mess is limited to a certain space only.

Have a baby-changing station and put the baby bag there. Don’t use a table for both baby changing and then eating. That’s just gross.


Time for bed:

It’s normal to be worried that your baby might have difficulty sleeping in a new place. After all, some adults have the same problem.

For those bringing a portable baby bed, try letting your child sleep in it a few days before the trip so he gets used to the feeling. Do the same routine you do at home (bath time, lullaby, bottle) so your baby will know that it’s time to sleep for the night. Here are some other baby travel products available in the market that can make your baby more comfortable during the travel.

Can You Take Your Baby to Road Trips?

October 31, 2014 at 8:32 am

baby road trip.jpgNew moms are always very careful with their newborn babies. After all, what would seem a small bump to an adult may affect a fragile infant very differently. So along with all the other care the mom is giving her child, she must also be aware of certain precautions on how she handles her baby.

Of course, that is not to say that moms do not get to have fun with their kids. Ask any mom and they’ll tell you – once their child does something adorable, all their exhaustion fades away. At some point though, mothers do get busy and tired, and may want to spend some time away from their place of domicile. Yet no new mother would want to leave without her baby, even for a few days. The solution? Bring the baby with you! Now the real question is – can you?

Yes of course! It would be great for you and your husband to go to a new place with your child with you, so you can experience the fun of a vacation as a new family. After all, it would be quite sad to feel the happiness of the moment and suddenly feel a pang of homesickness because your baby isn’t with you.

Here are some tips to ensure that your journey with your child is as convenient as possible:


  1. Know that it will be stressful

If this is your first trip away as a family, then this will be the first that you’ll spend time away from the comfort of your home and all your necessary baby equipment. Don’t worry too much, but acknowledge that it will not be easy. At the very least, you should know what you’re going into before you start to drive away. You can make use of these helpful tips on how to effectively manage stress.


  1. Go while the baby is asleep

If your baby is the type to sleep while in the car, then go during the hours he is usually asleep. It will be easier for you to carry a sleeping baby than one crying loudly. Trust us, you’ll have a more relaxed time if you go during the baby’s bedtime.


  1. Baby’s safety first

It would be fun to head somewhere new and do something you’ve never done before, like drive a Jeep Brute and experience the rugged freedom that’s only possible with this vehicle. Head on to this Jeep Brute website and imagine how fun it would be. Just always remember to take precautionary steps to ensure your baby’s safety. For one, always make sure that the car seat is installed properly. Almost 20% of car seats aren’t properly installed – these are just accidents waiting to happen. Just to be sure, watch this instructional video on how to properly install an infant car seat. It’s also a good idea to have a grownup at the back assigned to constantly monitor your baby. A first aid kit may also come handy, so pack it along with the baby’s diapers, toys and snacks. Don’t forget the baby’s medicine too – you can never be too careful.


  1. Pack strategically

There’s nothing like an out of town trip to let you know just how much stuff you need to take care of your child. Remember though that it is better to over pack than to leave stuff behind. Be prepared to pack appropriate toys, books, food or other items to keep your baby busy. A bored child in an enclosed space will just be a recipe for loud crying and screaming.


Road trips with the new baby can be fun, as long as you’re prepared. Bon voyage!

5 Things to Do Before You Explore KCMO

October 31, 2014 at 7:32 am

plantravel.jpgReady for some country loving? Go to the heart of America and witness some sightseeing you’ll never forget. Famous for their music and food, the City of Fountains is definitely worth a visit. After all, one of their neighborhoods gave birth to the Kansas style blues and Kansas style jazz, so you know you’ll be going to a party.

But before you head on to the most populous municipality in the state of Missouri, you have to make sure that you get a few things done first. Travel will be much more enjoyable if you’re not worrying about how things are at home thousands of miles away.

Here are five of the things you should do before you explore the lovely city of Kansas, Missouri.


  1. Contact the sitter

Ideally, once you’ve confirmed all your flight details, your first call should be to your sitter. If you have several pets in your house that needs daily care, you might want to get a house sitter. Or you can get a dog sitter to have someone walk your dog everyday. If you’re going to be away for long, arrange for your mails and bills to be directed to someone trusted that would contact you for any emergency. Pay for outstanding bills before you leave – you won’t want to go home after your fantastic vacation to a house with cut-off water or electricity.


  1. Arrange your budget

Obviously, you need to have money to travel, since airfare and accommodations don’t come cheap. If you’re travelling domestically, it’s a good idea to withdraw cash from your local bank. Some ATM machines charge small fees, but if these fees accumulate, they are worth quite a sum. If you want to use your credit card during international travel, inform your banks of your plans. They might interpret a purchase abroad as fraudulent and ice your card. This article is a good source of helpful tips on how to explore a new city like Kansas City when you have limited time and budget.

Travel insurance isn’t something that every traveler gets, but they say that you shouldn’t travel if you can’t afford insurance. Better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Check your health

These are annual check-ups everyone should have, but they’re essential when travelling because of the change in weather and time zone. Get necessary vaccines, health check-up and even a dental check-up.


  1. Document list

A passport and visa is requisite for any international travel, so don’t forget those. Put them in a zip-lock before putting inside your bag.

Your identification card is also important (how else can you go into the bars?) so don’t lose that. Keep track of all your documents – itinerary, hotel reservation, and airplane tickets – and put them in a bag you keep close to yourself.


  1. Check local sights and delights

Most people prepare for at least the very first day of journey. They plan an itinerary, check which mode of transportation they can use, and research about sights they want to see. The Internet is the best source of information that you’ll need to create a plan. If you’re encountering issues with your Charter Internet, use the Charter phone number found here to get those issues resolved immediately. You can spend the succeeding days going to the other places you discover while going through your to-do list. Visit this page to know the best attractions in Kansas City.

There are a lot more sights you can enjoy in the jazzy city of Kansas. If you take care of all personal matters before leaving for your trip, you’re sure to immensely enjoy what this delightful city has to offer.

7 Travel Tips For Seniors

October 27, 2014 at 11:36 am

seniors travelWho says your age should stop you from travelling to different destinations or visiting family and friends across the country? Seniors can also enjoy the pleasures of travel. In fact, your retirement years will likely afford you with more time and resources to go to places you have always wanted to visit, join cruises to exotic locations, or be with your children or grandchildren who have moved to a different state or even overseas.

As a senior, you will need to take proper precautions and be prepared for different circumstances you may find yourself in during your journey. You may find that not everything you are used to being accessible to would be readily available once you are travelling or at your destination. If you want to enjoy travelling, just keep in mind these helpful tips that can make it as worthwhile and memorable as possible:


  1. Check out travel advisories for your route and destination. Depending on the time of the year, there may be various advisories that can directly or indirectly affect your travel plans. Such include inclement weather, security warnings, health risks, and other precautionary warnings. Know ahead of time what you may be dealing with so you can plan accordingly. Have backup measures, alternate routes, or other plans that allow for flexibility. Read an excellent guide on how to properly deal with travel advisories.
  2. Get travel insurance. It’s better to have travel insurance and not need it, than to be caught without it when needed. Whether you are getting on a plane, taking a cruise, or driving cross-country, there are appropriate travel insurance policies you can look into so you are protected in case of theft, accidents, delays, property loss, and other unexpected incidents. If you are unsure what policy would work best for your plans, seek advice from your travel agent.
  3. Have the necessary paperwork handy. For overseas travel, you will need your passport, visa (for certain destinations), and other necessary documents. Get the information from your agent, cruise ship operator, or airline so you can prepare ahead of time. Even if you are just driving across state lines, you will want to keep your vehicle registration, insurance information, and other personal documents in a safe and readily accessible place. If you plan to travel with your grandchild or grandchildren, it is better to have a notarized letter of permission to travel with grandchildren that is signed by both parents.
  4. Prepare your medical essentials. If you have any ongoing medical treatments or prescriptions, you would want to bring an ample supply with you. The medications you need may not be readily available where you are going, so consult with your physician or pharmacist on what amount would be best. It is also a good idea to have some first aid essentials with you when traveling, especially when going on a long drive. Airplanes, cruise ships, tour buses, and other public transportat systems usually have first aid essentials available.
  5. Travel light and smart. Take only what you will need so you are not lugging around way too much stuff than what is necessary. When you travel light, you also get less tired and stressed. Find out what the weather conditions would be like in your destination and bring appropriate clothing and accessories.
  6. Bring your cell phone and gadgets. You will need to have a way to reach family or friends when you are travelling. Look for free phones for seniors such as these that have nationwide coverage, are very easy to use, and also offer affordable plans that keep you connected. Make sure your phone is always charged and ready for use.
  7. Request for special services for seniors. Most airports, ports of entry, hotels, and other public venues would have special lanes and assistance offered to seniors. You may be able to get other services to make your trip more comfortable, so ask ahead of time. For instance, if you have a connecting flight and the gates are too far apart, the airline can offer a wheelchair, cart, or shuttle.

7 Ways to Look Fashionable for the Holidays

October 24, 2014 at 7:57 am



Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful

And since we’ve got no place to go

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!


We might want to stay cooped up this holiday season, but unfortunately, we can’t stay inside the house the whole time. Hot drinks, thick blankets and hanging out by the fireplace may sound cozy and warm, but these moments are reserved for special occasions when we don’t need to go out and work.

Holiday season is here once again and with it comes the cold winter days.  There is good news though: even amidst the cold, we can stay fashionable. After all, fashion is all-year round! In the season of wool coats, fur vests and lots and lots of layers, we’ll surely have fun with matching and mixing our outfits. Here are seven tips to help you look fashionable this holiday season:


1. Feel the festivity

Just because it’s snowing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Why not wear those bright holiday colors? Be the colorful light in the dark winter night, and you’ll surely get everyone’s attention. Painting your nails red and green can also add to the appeal – it’s candy cute while still being classy. Just don’t overdo the holiday theme or you might look like a walking Christmas tree.


2. Be shiny, shimmery and splendid

Is there a better time to wear your glittery dresses than during the cold holidays? When everyone else is going the dark route (aka black jacket, black tights), you can amp up everyone’s world by your sparkly clothing. Wear a cute blouse, a shiny skirt, some Cinderella shoes, or shimmering tights. Just don’t put them altogether or you’ll light up brighter than the star of Bethlehem. Here are some shiny glittery holiday sweaters that are just perfect for the holidays.


3. Leather weather

It’s not just sweater weather; it’s also the time for leather. Bring out the leather jacket that was too hot to wear last summer, and add edge to any outfit you have.And if you dare, why not try the leather pants trend and feel like a rockstar?


4. Black is always classic

When else can you wear black from head to toe and not look suspicious? Wear different patterns of this sophisticated color in the cold day or night, and look chic wherever you go.


5. Lace and Satin

You might think that you look like a Christmas gift in your outfit, but wouldn’t that actually be amazing? Think of your outfit as your gift to everyone who sees it.You can opt to wear a bright colored satin and match it with a black or white lace. Or, you can be festive in a colorful lace dress, skirt or blouse. Add some spice to the conservative fabric by going with bright colors or matching metal accessories with it.


6. Layers

It’s getting cold – cover up! Play with different pieces and get a different look even with the same pieces. Plain long sleeves and turtlenecks become fashionable pieces once layered with the right scarf or coat.


7. Maximize and accessorize!

Accessories always complete any outfit. Your simple tee and jeans combo can have that wow factor if dressed with matching jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and belts will turn any outfit from peasant to princess. And don’t forget the hat! They don’t just keep you warm – the right one can make you look amazing.


You can check out fashion blogs all over the Internet for more great tips. You might also want to visit websites that point out the common holiday fashion mistakes. If you experience connection issues, you can always call the Comcast contact number through this hotline to get it fixed.

Explore the Ageless Beauty of Kansas City Missouri

October 21, 2014 at 3:30 pm

kansas city spots.jpgBarbeque, jazz music, and a little bit of American history – all these can make for a very good vacation. If you’re in the mood for that, drive on to the heart of America and enjoy what Kansas City has to offer – aside from its numerous fountains, of course. The most populous municipality in the state of Missouri has various museums, world class shopping, dining and entertainment that will make it worth the visit.


Here are some of the sites you should visit to explore the ageless beauty of the city:


Country Club Plaza

Just because you’re in the country doesn’t mean you can’t have some city fun. Go to some high-end shops and great restaurants, and see some of the famous fountains that garnered the city it’s moniker. Here is a complete list of all the fountains in Kansas City, Missouri. Called The Plaza by the locals, this 14-block shopping district was one of the first outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment district in the United States.


Union Station

This restored train station has been transformed to an interactive Science City. Since it houses an interactive science museum, an exhibit of the American railroad, and planetarium shows among others, visitors from various places will surely have a good time in this place.


Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

This art museum is world-renowned for its impressive exhibits.Its collection has over 2,000 works that includes neoclassical architecture, Egyptian sculptures and Japanese art.

Once you go outside, you’ll find the 22-acre Kansas City Sculpture Park. Though admission is free, most special exhibits charge a small fee.


Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead

Definitely the best tourist attraction for the kids, this place depicts an old-fashioned family farm that lets children have the farm experience with animals and birds, pony rides, a barn, and a schoolhouse.


Kansas City Zoo

What’s a family vacation without the children visiting the zoo? With over 1,000 species to see, including lively chimpanzees and entertaining elephants, the kids’ animal-encounter in the Kansas City Zoo is something they won’t forget. A lot of walking will be involved, but the adjoining IMAX Theater adds to the enjoyment as well.


18th and Vine Neighborhood

Aside from giving birth to the musical styles of jazz and blues, this Neighborhood is also home to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, where the first Negro National league started in 1920, and the Gem Theater. By day you can visit the American Jazz Museum, and at night you can stop by the Blue Room for some great jamsessions. You can also enjoy jazz storytelling, poetry jams and workshops.


National World War I Museum

Though a visit to this place wouldn’t be as lively as other museums, it would definitely educate visitors who fancy a bit of history. The lobby has galleries that represent over 9 million casualties of the war, and an interactive exhibit that shows the war’s consequences and impact to the country.


The many barbeque places of Kansas

Kansas City is the Home of Barbeque, so there isn’t really just a single place to get the best meat. You can have your pick from over more than 100 barbeque joints and experience the rich traditions that are truly Kansas. The barbeque in Kansas is simply unbeatable and so good that this website confidently lists five of the best barbeque restaurants in the city.


One of the best ways to go around the city is through your Jeep Wrangler. Add excitement to your adventure as you drive all day. You can purchase Wranglers for sale in this website, and go through the many boulevards of the city called “Paris of the Plains”.

How to Wear the Clothes that You Want

October 13, 2014 at 1:06 pm

fitting clothesSo you’re walking down the street, minding your own business, when suddenly, you see an advertisement. “Sale”, it says in four big red letters. And there it is, right across the street – one of your favorite brands has just announced a sale! You’ve just got your paycheck yesterday and in the mood to reward yourself for the stresses you’ve had the past month. What’s a girl to do?

You go inside the store and immediately you see the pair of pants you’ve been saving up for. Quickly you walk to the right aisle and look for your size, and just to be sure, one each of a size bigger and a size smaller. You head to the dressing room and try the pants on, but halfway through you realize it doesn’t fit! Not the type to give up easily, you try to wiggle your way in, until you have no choice but to put the other one on. So you did, and yet, it still doesn’t fit!

What could possibly have happened? You gained weight! Though gaining weight might not always be a bad thing, it does have disadvantages. One is that you might not look that good in the clothes you want to wear. Some may argue that you could always just buy new clothes, but what if those that you want are only available in certain sizes? Remember, lose pounds the healthy way so you’re sure they’ll go away. Here are five tips to do just that:


1. Wake Up and Move

Having the right amount of sleep every day will help you lose weight. According to a study, a sleep-deprived person can gain up to 3 pounds more compared to a well-rested person. The effects of sleep deprivation are thoroughly discussed in this page. So make sure to catch that needed rest.

Once you wake up, start your day right by going to your exercise routine. It jumpstarts your metabolism and may even regulate your appetite throughout the day.


2. Less Salt, More Water

Salt is in almost every American food, and the amount of salt in a year consumed by an average person causes up to an additional ten pounds. Water will keep your body hydrated, and will take up space in your stomach, causing you to eat less. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out which you should have more. Reading this article about recommended intakes of salt will help you a lot in a managing your diet.


3. Note the Time and Quantity

It’s not just about what you eat, it’s when and how much you do. Breakfast is always essential, a routine that shouldn’t be missed. Snacking is also good to make sure that you don’t go hungry for long, decreasing the chance that you’ll go and eat more than you really need.

A good tip would be to prepare your meals beforehand. Some people think of their daily meals at the start of the week and just freeze it. Eating homemade food is better, since you have more control of the ingredients you put in what you eat. Others have a go-to healthy restaurant just in case they don’t have time to cook.


4. Protein

We’ve all heard of high-protein diets done by bodybuilders and nutritionists to lose fat and build more muscles. It takes longer to digest than fats and carbohydrates, so you’ll feel full faster and for a longer time. Protein is available in capsules, but it’s always better to have it from fresh fruits and vegetables. You can get some of the best protein shake recipes from this health website.


5. Throw Away the Fat Clothes

Once you achieve the size you’re aiming for, throw away the old fat clothes. The knowledge that you’ll need to buy more of the bigger size if you gain all that pounds again is enough motivation to keep your ideal weight.

How To Have A Stress-Free Vacation

October 8, 2014 at 4:55 pm

vacationWhen you’re on vacation, you want to relax, refresh your mind and body, and enjoy some quality moments with your family, loved ones, or friends. To achieve maximum relaxation on your vacation, proper planning and hashing out the details should be completed long before your actual trip. It would help if you had a checklist on your phone, tablet, or on paper. You can refer to your vacation checklist every now and then to make sure all the details are being attended to.

Here are some helpful advice for a stress-free vacation:


  •  Pick airports that are less crowded. The great thing about modern air travel is the number of choices available to you, from the airlines to the destinations. You can avoid the chaos and congestion of busy airport hubs by picking out smaller, lesser known airports that are also within your travel plans. This is especially helpful if you are vacationing during major holiday travel times. For instance, if you are flying to Missouri, instead of a flight to St. Louis, how about Branson instead? The airport is considered one of the most stress-free airports in the U.S. because of the rustic design, quick security and baggage checks, and personalized customer service. Here is an informative article that lists the world’s busiest airports so you can avoid them if you can..


  •  Travel light. It’s a vacation, not a business trip, so no need to burden yourself with way too many clothes and shoes than you would actually need when relaxing by the beach or camping outdoors. Streamline your baggage to just the most essential clothing items, accessories, and footwear, with some extra items just in case. It would help to know the weather conditions ahead of time so you are prepared for your destination. Bottomline, when you are traveling light you are also less stressed out, and less worried about losing or forgetting something during the journey.


  • No calls or e-mails. If it is possible, unplug yourself completely from work during your vacation. Make arrangements to have work-related calls or e-mails routed to another person who can take care of tasks while you are away. You may have to have provisions for the most important or critical calls or e-mails to still reach you, but in general you should have this time for taking a break from your responsibilities. Otherwise, it will be like you are still in the office. Tip: don’t bring your work laptop.


  • Have an itinerary. As you are planning the vacation details, ask your travel agent or hotel reservation desk for suggestions on what activities to enjoy in the area. If you decide to get help from a travel agent, I suggest you read this article, it gives tips on how to effectively deal with travel agents. Include their suggestions in your itinerary so there is something to look forward to every day, and also so you don’t end up with nothing to do especially if reservations or prior confirmations are required. On the other hand, you should also set aside time for just doing nothing and being lazy; after all, this is a vacation from work.


  • Don’t leave unfinished tasks. Complete everything that needs to be finished before going on vacation. This will avoid tasks piling up when you come back. You will also enjoy your vacation much more if you are not thinking of pending assignments back at the office. Tie up all loose ends before you go on break, and your boss and your colleagues will also appreciate this and cover for you while you are gone.


  • Secure your home. Your home should be secured especially if you will be gone for a long time. Utilize proper security systems and alarms, and check to make sure they are all working correctly. If there are necessary repairs or replacements, garage door repairs for instance, contact the professionals and have everything repaired or replaced before you leave. If you’re in a budget and worried about how much the whole door replacement will cost, you can refer to an extensive list of garage door prices available in this page. When you know your home is safe, you will not end up worrying or stressing away during your vacation time.

Taking Your Little Girl To KCMO?

October 8, 2014 at 3:15 pm

kansas_railroadYou will find endless opportunities for fun and learning geared towards children when you visit Kansas City, Missouri. Whether you are taking your little girl to the many museums and historic destinations in the downtown area, or exploring the other attractions in nearby towns and suburbs, you and your daughter will have plenty of fun memories and lessons to take with you as you visit Kansas City. Here are some ideas on where to go and what to bring when you travel to the city:


          • For animal lovers, Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a must. This is a large farm with a nature trail and a feeding/petting area for goats. You can explore the beautiful butterfly garden or go fishing in the pond. Your young girl will enjoy the farm setting and the trails, as well as pony rides or horsedrawn wagons, but make sure to bring lots of water for hydration. Admission is free.
  •  Artistic kids will enjoy Kaleidoscope. This facility is located at the Crown Center, and was the idea of Don Hall of Hallmark Cards. At Kaleidoscope, your little girl will be able to use Hallmark materials to create paintings, scuptures, and other arts and crafts. Independent and family sessions are available. You can also bring some arts and crafts supplies of your own. Tickets to the Kaleidoscope are free.
  • Money Museum for your young entrepreneur.Does your little girl have the makings of a successful entrepreneur or business woman? Set her on the right path by taking her to the Federal Reserve’s Money Museum. She will enjoy watching how money is made, and seeing the massive collection of coins at the Money Museum. Click here to learn more about the Money Museum exhibits.
  •  Cave Spring Historic Site and Nature Center. Downtown Kansas City is home to the 36-acre Cave Spring Historic Site and Nature Center. Your daughter will especially enjoy the exploration cave and the habitat pond. When you are at Cave Spring, you won’t feel like you are in downtown at all. The wildlife and plant life along the walking trails will make you feel like you are elsewhere in Missouri’s natural scenic spots.
  • Kansas City Northern Railroad for train lovers.Kids love train rides, and the miniature trains of Kansas City Northern Railroad will be a treat for your little girl. The train is free and open most weekends, and your girl can bring her favorite American Girl doll along for the ride (grab some American Girl coupons here if you are planning to buy dolls or accessories). If you are a train enthusiast, you would love to get the chance to see all the railroads operating in Kansas, they are all listed here.
  • The ultimate playroom: Wonderscope.The Wonderscope facility is at the Children’s Museum in Kansas City. Here, children can play, imagine, and explore to their heart’s content. Activities include golfing, gardening, and play areas for banking, grocery shopping, schoolteaching, and more. All your daughter will need to bring is her imagination and loads of energy.
  • Bring your skates to the Crown Center. Kansas City residents wait every year for the Christmas tree lighting and ice skating rink at the Crown Center. Lace up your ice skates (or you can rent a pair for your little girl) and skate while enjoying the Christmas atmosphere at the Center. If you find yourself at Kansas City on Thanksgiving night, you and your daughter will love the Christmas lighting ceremony at the Country Club Plaza also.

Things to Do In Kansas City

October 8, 2014 at 8:31 am

kansascity1Are you in the mood to see some good old country scenery? What better way to fulfill your desire than go to the “Heart of America”? The largest municipality in the state of Missouri has about five thousand people per square mile. Though its neighboring city shares its name, Kansas City, Missouri is more prevalent in that metropolitan area.

The city is not only known for making musical styles jazz and blues popular, but for their barbecue as well. A vacation at this place definitely calls for trying their famous Kansas City-style barbecue (considered the best in the world!) and listening to nightly jazz in most of the restaurants.

If you do get a chance to visit this wonderful place, here are some tips on what else you should do while you’re there:


1. Brush Up On Your History

The area of Kansas City is known for its participation in the American Civil War. This Missouri city held intense military activity, and here occurred the Border War, including the Battle of Westport and Bleeding Kansas. Read this article to learn more about what happened in Kansas during the war. One of their iconic landmarks is the National WWI Museum, which houses over 75,000 World War I-related artifacts. Chosen as the official WWI museum by Congress, the 32-000 square foot facility is arranged in narrative form where you can see WWI soldiers telling their own war stories through the exhibit.

You not only learn about American history, you also have the chance to see a little European-style celebration. From August 31 to October 14, Kansas City Renaissance Festival brings you back to the 16th century. The whole festival has that Canterbury village feel, so participants get to escape this century and be part of a past world. Feast like a king and dance like a jester; see all the skilled artisans and buy their artworks while watching jousting knights. On these weekends, you can experience Renaissance England right in the heart of America.

And no, you can’t carry your own torch, but they will light some as you enter the gates!


2. Get Cultured

It’s not called Paris of the Plains for nothing – Kansas City is claimed to have more boulevards than any other city in the world except for Rome. It’s also been called the City of Fountains for the numerous outdoor water features all throughout the city.

Kansas City’s burgeoning arts community is also starting to get recognized by major art powerhouses. You shouldn’t miss the chance to go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Known for its neoclassical architecture, the photography and art collection it features has works from America, Europe, and Asia.

Tour the Steamboat Arabia Museum and see the sunken steamer that would make you appreciate the era of steamboat in American history. Visit the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts and experience music and opera the Kansas way.


3. Throw That Ball

Kansas city is proud of their celebrated baseball history, which you can view at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. It will bring a sense of nostalgia with its videos, artifacts and state-of-the-art designs that commemorate the legendary stars of the Negro National League. Before going to the museum, why not take some time to visit this site and learn about the history of the Negro Leagues Baseball?

If you’re in the mood for a game, drop by the Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. With fairly affordable game tickets, you can also enjoy the tours provided.

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